Friday, September 12, 2008

I'll Always Love You

I 'll admit sometimes I have to pause
at each happy memory
In photographs of our early years
as they smile back at me...
Could those silly, giddy "youngsters,"
so much in love, it seems,
Be us - naive and carefree -
so full of hopes and dreams?
Of course, we're somewhat older now,
but at once I recognize
The charming grin, the handsome chin,
the laughing, twinkling eyes,
The arms that felt so conforting,
that still hold me close at night,
The hands that gently touched me,
and still clasp my own so tight,
And it's still that same'warm smile I wear
each time I look at you -
The one that said it the - as now...
"I 'll love you all life through..."
...and I will.

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