Friday, October 31, 2008



this blog is created to share with u kids about OUR LOVE....the poems from letters and cards exchanged between us. After 17 years..the love is still there and may Allah continue blessing us with this happiness. I will try to update this often..and try to load the pictures..there are many more...De javu...the library....


I want to have a lasting relationship
with you
I know that this will mean that
we both must work hardto please each other
to help each other
to be fair and honest with each other
to accept each other as we really are
we both must work hard
to keep our individuality
yet also become one with each other
to remain strong and supportive of each other
in adverse times as well as good times
to be exciting and interesting
to ourselves and to each other
we both must work hard
to always consider each other
the most important person in the world
to always consider love
the most important emotion that we can feel
to always consider our relationship
the most serious and significantunion of two people
Even though it may not always be easy
to have a lasting relationship
working hard is very easy
when the result can be
the beauty of a loving and lasting

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