Thursday, February 5, 2009

MOOD? Happy Ke?

Dearest Sis...
Nothing to say..tapi hayati lah ini...buat pedomanmu...

'ketika seseorang telah menikah, maka dia telah menyempurnakan separuh agama. Maka hendaklah dia bertakwa kepada Alloh dalam separuh yang tersisa”(HR.Baihaqi)

What Marriage Is

Marriage is the joining of two bodies and two minds
Past mistakes are unwanted and better left behind
From this day forth you must take care of each other
You’ll learn to draw strength each day from one another

The first year is hardest but you must learn to adapt
Find your middle ground and the rest will work out
It’s a beautiful journey if you are dedicated
Time is your friend and will keep you educated

Learn from mistakes and heed this advice
Never bring them up and never try them twice
Appreciate each other and be verbally kind
Each day when the sun sets leave your anger behind

As your journey progresses and the children arrive
Remember to keep your marriage alive
Your children will grow up and leave the nest
Make sure your marriage doesn’t die from loneliness

By following these words you’ll find marriage is bliss
And you’ll find there is no better place than this
Home is meant to be your soft place to fall
And the love you project will engulf it all

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