Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Poor Princess

I am blogging from the bed of Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital. ..well its not me but my precious princess. Being sick since Thursday last week with high fever and flu etc...King was away on the day she felt sick, then he cut short everything and came home on Friday. ..Thank you dear for understanding the situation.But I forgot to tell King that his auntie took princess home to care for her..(dia tak caya I jaga anak) bila King sampai rumah..I je lah yang ada princess tak ada. Saturday morning we had breakfast at his auntie's place and collect our princess. She's reluctant to follow us coz all the girls ada nak layan dia. ..but still we brought her to Dr Tan the Paediatric Doctor in Rawang..unbelieveable she was having like 39 degree fever.... Then after the clinic session she told us she wanted to play with Zeeshan so we went to Pak Nah house...Then Sunday we have another hunt, we left her at home with Champ but I already informed Nini to come and fetch her in the morning. .We came home a bit late and fetched her. Well the nitemare started Monday morning, high fever again...have to insert the cooling down bullet (what's the proper name?) So Tuesday morning we all bawak lah dia ke mari and as expected ...admitted ler. So now she's on drip..and antibiotic. King pergi kerja and I have to care both Champ and princess coz Champ pun semput so angkut lah dia sekali...well what a day. Hari ni Wednesday, since morning dia batuk aja..then muntah. Dah few time tukar cadar....sabar je lah mama...well what do I xpect kan having little baby at this age...

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