Thursday, April 2, 2009

Toilet Training

Frankly I am not very good about this. The boys was easy, they stopped using diapers at 2 years old. This little princess...well being a failure for few time...Let her learn at her own pace – she will get the hang of it when she’s ready, and accidents and setbacks are just part of the process. ..but alhamdulillah today was a success!...she's becoming interested in watching other girls go to the toilet..thanx to the three cousins. Keep on saying now she's Kak Fira no longer wearing diapers..Kak Fira this and Kak Fira that. Even nak beli panties macam Kak Fira so no need to wear diapers...And dia makin kuat minum susu coz nak tall macam Kak Fira...and started to eat vege macam Kak Fira...Well I layan lah dia...we all beli panties gambar princess ha..ha...What I learnt today..toilet training may take days or months. It's not a race (no matter what other parents tell you about their own wonderful children).Never push your child. Relax and let nature take its course, and encourage your child with gentle reminders and stories. What your child wants most is to please you, and praising her will point out what a good job she’s doing. So King said we got to get her a present...for being a smart girl today! ( I thought the panties dah boleh jadi present...)

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