Monday, July 27, 2009

The Joy of Baking 3 - Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake

Qobb came home for the weekend. Kesian dia dah lama tak balik rumah too bz with his studies. He loves cheese cake. So apa lagi, the King not around coz involved with something to do with Karnival Sukan and got to stay at the training center the whole weekend...meaning I can bake all day long aha! Qobb cakap nak cheese cake yg base dia oreo..ala Qobb mamanye cheese tinggal 250 gm je...mama cuba resepi baru key? So...Saturday I managed to bake like 80 cupcakes (untuk Zue and Oyik) and an 8 inch Cotton Soft Japanese Cheese Cake..O Sunday King came home...dia pun suka pada hal all this while dia avoid cheesecakes ha..haa. Again the recipe from Rima. Thanx Rima. So ni gambar cake I..I put on blueberries topping..thinking want to put some cream on it tapi tak sempat...:)
On that particular day, 3x I pergi LMC Rawang coz asyik lupa je my baking stok banyak yang dah habis! Promised Qobb that next weekend I will be coming with a new version of cheesecake! Insyaallah


Rima said...

I dont know how many times i've baked this cheesecake... macam macam i bagai kan.. try add melted chocolate/ chocolate paste(dollop) .. then swirl it... pretty tau!

fazlinil irma said...

salam perkenalan juga akak..
sy irma..nak panggil nama akak apa ya..? :)