Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pregnant over 40?

First thing that I asked myself - What will people think? Will they think I am mad? Will they make insensitive remarks? It doesn't really matter what people think. No one should condemn us for our decisons, its our life...not theirs! So mama starts googling when she feels ....she's having the symptom of 'morning sickness' volla mama! Here some of it:

"I will be 47 this Dec and my chilren are 4 and 15months,I have loved being an older mum despite very negative comments from my consultant at the onset of my 1st pregnancy ,they are both perfectly healthy.I would have loved more,however biologically it is probably too late for more..but it hasn't stopped the longing (I am being greedy I know) anyone else feel the same? "

"I had my first at 25 and my third at 42 so we are quite similar. For some reason, giving birth at 42 didn't faze me at all - I was so excited about how lucky I was to be a mum again.
However, in my mind it seems an enormous gulf between 42 and 46 which is how old I'd be when/if I have this one. (There seem to be plenty of mums in the 40-44 age bracket but hardly any over).
I suppose I worry about the fact that there will be such a big age gap between us - my own mum died at 57 which I coped with because I was 32 but if I'd been 15, say, it would have been much more of a tragedy... "

As usual, he is always there for me courage with his fav line ...."It is part of me growing inside you..." And I can feel the closeness, the caring gesture...the abundance of luv! Could it be "Made in Melbourne"?

A part of me was hoping I'd had a false positive pregnancy test!
Well its true....its negative....Thank god.. :)


nurazzah8 said...

buat suspen sje zai nih...!!! ingatkan +ve!!!! I would be the first to congratulate tu...rezeki itu dari Allah ...

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