Monday, July 8, 2013

Luv your heart...

3rd of July -  Mama Atas (our aunty) Kena heart attack. As at today still in the hospital. Scheduled for IJN's appoinment on the 10th of July...Moga Allah bagi kesihatan yang baik keatas beliau..will miss all her cooking. The nite before the attack she cooked us fresh prawns from Teluk Senangin..and we celebrated Champ's birthday !

7th July - BIL aka as Pak Nah admitted to KPJ-Damansara ..will undergo angiogram tomorrow after few events of chest doa moga Allah permudahkan urusan beliau..

Being a hectic weekend for me. Papa went to Gopeng for team building..and I was like 'WHATT?....God I am so worried to let him go. Made him promised water rafting, owl this and no that...muahaha..macam anak nak gi camping lak. I have toooo..I am still scared :)

Alhamdulillah he listened to the doctor's order. Today he came home with aches here and there :) Tak apa as long as he is home..lets treat him like a King :)

We met Dr Song while we were in KPJ. Seems like Pak Nah is confortable with him as his cardiologist. He told me about one incident regards to team building..or was it his patient? The poor guy went to one of the hutan for team building, caught by unknown lost his eyes and had to undergo few traumas....Is team building really works? Or just a waste of money and time? Muahahah end up I have to urut here and there....I rest my case :)

Note : Kakak cakap musim jerebu dah musim orang sakit dada ...

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