Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Joy of Baking II

Guten Tag everybody..he..he..asyik2 tu je lah yang ingat. By the way today dengan successfulnya I berjaya buat my second baking ...Chocolate Marble Cheese Brownies panjangnye nama...again Danke Schon to Rima...My marble tak berapa jadi lagi lah a bit kelam kabut...tak secantik Rima's tapi ummmpph...the cheezy stuff ni memang heaven..I told my dear friend 'bout Rima's blog and she baked the cheese brownies first..huaaaaaaaaa I kalah! I have to deliver my cookies first then only I masuk kitchen again and started my brownies project....Jom tengok my second project ni...Meine Kuchen ....

Really really worth trying this recipe. I gave my SIL to taste..she asked me how much you want to sell? I nak order he..he...Told her I need to improve my presentation first lol..;)
Auf Wiedersehen

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