Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Mother

Well I have to forget about baking today. My youngest brother called early in the morning to inform me that my mother fell in the bathroom....:( So panic what to do! Reached her house around 9.00 am. Alhamdullillah.......
Bring her to see the family doctor. Everything fine...Alhamdulillah. After preparing her lunch and let her rest plus putting some hot ointment she's looking better...Thanx to God!
So now I can take a deep breath...and my princess said...."mama try la meditate"...curious gak I mana dia tau perkataan tu..asked her then she said the pink rabbit taught her? Pe bende ek? Cartoon kat PHDC..she said ying yang yooo tak tau I how to spell macam tu yang keluar from her mouth! He..he..e
Masa nak pergi clinic pun she was asking me.."Kita nak gi mana ma"...I said "clinic"...then she said "ooo nak gi picnic....mama bawak towel, sandwich tak?" ..."my sunglasses and my baju mandi yang nampak belly button..."...:) Being 40 plus with a 3 years old will always brighten your day even though today ada gerhana matahari...! Again Alhamdulillah to Allah..and this is what I have to buy for her for being such a good girl today...a new princess shoes......:)

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