Monday, July 20, 2009

The Kids

Bz weekend again! Lately..we made it a point to visit both Oyik and Qobb every weekends. Their trial exams will be in August. I am so worried..worried 'bout them. Especially Qobb...he was so active playing rugby and I can feel it that he's not ready..he needs to enroll the Murid Ku Sayang (MKS) classes! The classes are specially design for those who didn't do well in the mid term..aha...mama risaunya!
Qobb called me on Friday and I asked him "nak mama bawak apa". Kesiannya dia cakap bawak lah food that we can eat together kat sini. Being a mother .... I baked Choc Chips cookies, pizza and spaghetti....We all sampai lambat pun, reached Oyik's around 4.30 pm...and Qobb nearly 6.00 pm. Nasib the guard bagi masuk lagi!

Oyik's as usual the face so relax! I asked him Fizik ok? Kimia Ok? Bio ok? The answer.. Add Maths je ok ma....:)

Qobb updated ada few no need to join dah the MKS classes..told him its ok to join the class as long as you can catch up! He told me that he's still blurr with Pengajian Islam. Hem..Oyik will have to tutor him school holiday nanti!

I need to play my role. As a mother I know they need my 'doa'. Doa ibu kan...I am trying my best to do that even though belum reach Kingnye ISO...Champ also need my attention..Being pushing him to be serious with his study.I am not sorry to have my early retirement...but I will feel sorry if I am not there when they need me.! And my doa will always be with them..:)
And mind you...the princess really 'something' nowadays...suka posing! King is getting worried he..he...

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