Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Joy of Baking

A zillion thanks to Rima..Danke..Danke...lost the touch of Deutsch already. yg senang ingat Guten Tag je lah ! I fell in love with her baking..ha..ha..Usually I buat cake bila ada order... meaning that you will never try the new recipes... always follow the one that you have coz scared cake tak jadi... but after reading her blog I remember the philosophy 'The Joy of Baking"......All this while forgotten how to enjoy when baking coz I am always rushing!

This cake called "Milky Marble Cake" from Chef Norzailina Nordin. When I went thru Chef's recipe tak teringin pun nak buat tapi bila I tengok Rima baked this cake teringin la pulak...so here the outcome! But she's too fast, I baru siap satu dia dah bake another two..huaaaaa. Must be a superwoman la with 13 months old baby you managed to do everything! Salute...Next I must try her pancakes...looks so yummy!

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This one Samperit Emulco...Got the recipe from Hanieliza, she made the marble one but I transformed jadi cocoa. King loves this one..he..he...King macam terkejut balik ada cake and cookies ha..ha...But...tengok apa jadi kat bawah ni.....
The lovely princess showing her boredom! For neglecting her, I got this! HHHHHHHuaaaa. It took me nearly 2 hours to clean the house again........macam Titanic rumah dia buat!

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