Friday, November 20, 2009

The thought.... will be the third day of SPM.
Paper apa ye...oh EST...hope Eriq will always calm and cool...
Good luck to all the candidates ye....
Last Tuesday I went to Tanjung Karang to settle some unfinished business there..
Dropped by kat old school Eriq and I saw this bunting....

Percaya tak kalau I cakap simple banner/bunting macam ni boleh buat I sedih? Haru tul mama ni kan...Well simple bunting cam ni touched my heart tau...Tak kira parti politik mana pun tapi bila ada 'thought' yang cam ni boleh cair tau hati yang beku..he..he..! I am so proud of this Datuk... even though personally I tak kenal dia.
Masa Eriq took PMR 2 years ago I don't have to buy anything for his exam stationery..all was compliment from this 'Datuk' and I heard he gave it to all the schools dalam jajahan dia. For some of you it might be nothing... but for me...dia membeli jiwa seorang ibu! The thought thats countkan...Showing that he cares! I saw this bunting kat every secondary school dalam jajahan dia yang I lalu!
And you know what...reward for top students pun very lucrative! Tahniah Datuk and thank you di atas your thoughtfulness.
.....dari hati seorang ibu...:)

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