Thursday, July 12, 2012


Last two weeks I BBM her..
“Babe heard that NI dah divorced yer..?” Then she asked me “Mana you tau? “…
I replied : “old colleague la bagi tau..” “Anak dah besar2 kenapa la jadi cam tu…”
Then she said…”jodoh itu rahsia Allah”…(couldn’t agree more!)
“So now both of you dah single am I going to eat nasi minyak?” Silent…no reply

And yesterday I met her for lunch..tuntut janji for me to sponsor her bunga telur!
After 9 yrs being a single mother she’s getting married again..Huh and it’s with that guy!
Anyway moga kekal hingga ke akhir hayat…

The akad will be on Friday the 13 (tomorrow!) and the funny story that she told me was about her son.. Son went to see HM seeking approval for going home over the weekend.

Reason : Menghadiri perkahwinan ibu saya ...
 HM asked : Whose going to fetch you from school and send you to the bus station?
Answer : Bapa saya…

He..he… I can imagine the HM must be very curios and amaze!

Anyway SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU dear…Insyaallah we will be there walaupun jauh nye Baling tu…..

My gift to her...

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