Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sg Chilling Waterfall - Kuala Kubu Bharu

Entry yang tertangguh...

I forgot which weekend was it :) we went to Sungai Chilling waterfall and fish sanctuary at the foothills of Fraser's Hill, located after the Selangor Dam from Kuala Kubu Bharu and very close to Sungai Pertak.
Sg Chilling was gazetted as a nature park and fish sanctuary to preserve a local species 'Ikan Kelah'.
Never know....this beautiful waterfall is so near to my place ..ngeee thanks to the boys yg really luv hiking last last mama interested nak join in...nyaris cancel the plan bila ingat kan my fragile heart patient tu...tapi dia kata OK..dia nak try..so bergerak la kami..

First destination..pasar KKB to buy breakfast :) Banyak choice and sedap....Then we stopped at Jambatan Kg pertak to snap some awesome pictures  :

'Auckland' KKB

Nice kan...took this picture from the bridge.

Its so beautiful...terpegun mama sekejap...Then we continue to Sg Chilling....Parked the car by the roadside (theres no proper parking..make sure dont leave any valuables). Then have to walk to the camp site. Where small amount of entrance fees  will be charged.

Our hiking started after the bridge..errr I forgot to snap the picture of the bridge ! Kena crossed few streams kalau tak silap there was 6 lintasan of streams...macam gambar kat bawah..can stop and mandi mandi dulu then continue walking so tak rasa penat sangat. To reach the waterfalls will be around 45 minutes of walking..huhu depends on the traffic dalam hutan tu...kalau ramai orang lambat ler...coz ada few trail yang a bit sempit...

Along the way you can see the Kelah eagerly waiting for you to toss them some food..(you can buy  from the counter).

Bestkan...huhu memang keluar peluh and syiok...Ramai ramai dalam hutan tu (I am not an outdoor person but Sg Chilling buat I nak datang lagi...)
Dah penat seberang streams, panjat bukit, langkah pokok-pokok yang melintang...Alhamdulillah sampai juga ke waterfallnya. Air dia memang macam baru keluar from peti sejuk..sangat sejuk...best and refreshing.

Subhanallah...bestnya breakfast facing the waterfall...mandi dengan ikan..ikan ikan Kelah tu semuanya friendly :) I am negotiating with the boys ...bawak I naik Lata Medang pulak..not far from here but it will be 2 hours of hiking..They said mama kena jogging hari hari and fit....Insyaallah....pssst tapi jantung hati kena tinggal la kalau naik Lata Medang..dont think the heart can take it kan...

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