Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Milage

Hem...try to find time to update this. Yesterday..wow unbelieveable. We took off at 6.30 am. Lefty the house I dropped my OH at Taman Melati LRT..Hope he will make it. Then shoot off to Sri Damansara to collect Umi & the group..flying off to Jakarta & Bandung. Reached LCCT around 8.50. Hem..then to Alamanda buying shower cream and toothpaste and jangan lupa makanan mama for Qobb. Of course princess is with me..holding my dress tailing me around. And of course wearing dress and the princess shoes. Finished shopping we sent all the stuff to SAS..no entry la mama have to give to the guard. Leave his name and class number. Till now he haven't called me. Hope he received all the goods plus the money. From there we went to TESCO Shah Alam. OH bought a new remote control for Astro but its not working. Get back my RM14.90. From there headed to KLCC coz OH having appoinment with Dr Aminuddin at APSH. Hem..I am hungry..stop at MPAJ Gerai had our lunch..cheap and sedap. Will go again a.a. Finished around 4.00 after taking medicine sent OH back to the office. He asked me to wait for him till 6.00 pm then we can go home together. Me and princess spent our time at KLCC..Princess bought new dress and shower at the beautiful baby room at the LG.Gosh..what a day!!! We reached home around 8 something and he cooked the dinner..Thanx God. The milage..more than 200 km.


nurazzah8 said...

salam, you didn't reply my comment in previous entry... Kak Uda tertunggu-tunggu your call ...singgah TESCO Shah Alam kenapa tak call kak Uda??? at least I can meet you there...
please calling calling me if you happen to stop at Shah Alam again...

please call my hp - 019 267 1825

Anonymous said...

salam exTiffin :

Ini Kak AYa (normah rawi). Kak Uda
beritahu pasal blog ni.

Contact le kak Aya kat UiTM Perak
05 - 3742717
hp - 0175186132

normah rawi (kak aya) said...


Kami (geng-geng senior) sedang dalam process nak cari balik geng Tiffin.
Now ni - Along, Uda, angah, Kak Aya,Kak Ida, Kak Imah, Kak noi, dan kak Ani dah berhubung antara
satu sama lain.

Kalau boleh kami nak jejak kasih junior-junior tiffin juga!

Wish to hear from you!!!