Thursday, August 27, 2009

Morey Muffins


Wednesday waz very bzzzzzz. Yap it was our turn to send food to surau for 'morey'. At first no idea what to bake then the boys suggested muffins. They said their friends like the muffins. I tried muffins from Rinnchan and Hanieliza. Then of course I marble them...Made 100 of them...phhhhhhhhuuuuuuuh so tired.

Princess.... the food tester for the day

As for our iftar I tried Rima's Puding Roti Marble (marble lagi hik..hik).
The Puding Roti was marvelous and soooo easy to prepare. Will take a peek at Rima's today what to bake...Saturday we r going home to FSR to break fast with MIL & FIL. Hem..still thinking what to bring along???

The ABC Puding Roti...

Yesterday.... again I was bzzzz....I went to the dentist due to having little swollen on my face. Cam ner nak raya ni kalau muka bengkak kan..The dr said ada new calcium deposit somewhere in between my tooth and they said they need to refer me to Ampang Puteri coz they don't have the proper equipment to remove the calcium deposit. ner I paling takut gi dentist nak suruh gi Hospital lak...Hem..told them i will discuss with husband first....

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