Wednesday, August 26, 2009


What a day! Early in the morning after sahur I went to Putrajaya ... got to send Qobb back to school. Its compulsory to attend the Perkampungan Ilmu organized by his school. We reached there around 7.20 ( we left Rawang around 6.15 a.m) I have no idea that early in the morning Putrajaya will be just like KL..jammed. Yap totally stopped..not moving at all!
Ha..ha..pity mama..sleepy in the early hour...driving alone ish..ish...

I used bigger pan so the cake also bigger...Qobb insisted Oreo base!

Ni sarang semut ke sarang lebah?

Anyway, yesterday I managed to bake for Qobb the cotton cheese cake (Rima's) and biskut sarang semut of Hanieliza. Ration to bring back to hostel! Pity Qobb....its still school holiday yet he got to attend the camp.

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