Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swine Flu..I will never call it H1N1!!!!!!

What is this? I read my friend's daughter blog..(see below)..this is her story. If I 'm not mistaken the girl was detected positive more than one week ago. For sure the mother had consult their doctor before sending her daughter to school kan? Should the teacher treated them like that? Today another friend lost his child due to this Swine Flu (Takziah to Zul Ahmad x TTDC) . What will the government do? Why couldn't they learn from Singapore what to do. The death toll increasing everyday. It's more than 60 already. Remember one of the radio caller said " Malaysia ni tunggu ada menteri kena pas tu mati or the Menteri Kesihatan yang kena baru nak buat tindakan..."..betul ke cam tu? May be its true...and as for our Champ, he will be under home schooling, we couldn't let him go to school coz of his asthma...too much risk..and again ..am I making a right decision?

Munirah came to school today. :)

But kena balik rumah awal. Masa pertama. Pengetua tak bagi datang sekolah.

So, there we were, the four of us, (Hani, Cera, Erin and I) duduk bawah bumbung dekat pagar sekolah. Waiting for Mun's mum to pick her up. (Time PJ) The four of us salam her mum and we were told that Mun kena balik rumah sebab pengetua suruh balik.

Mun pon balik lah pastu dengan mak dia. Nope, that's not the end of my story, it has just started. :O

Ada DUA orang cikgu duduk atas bengunan pejabat tu. One of them literally shouted at us suruh jumpa dieorang kat tangga pejabat. So we (there's 7 of us) met them upstairs and guess what happened. We were scolded like sh!t. I'm serious.

One of them told us nicely that we can't be too close to Munirah and her mother. The other one said , well shouted actually, she said yang kiteorang tak sayang diri, tak sayang sekolah. Dia sayang diri dia dan anak anak dia. Dia kata nak buat baik biar bertempat. I didn't touch Muni at all. I touched her school bag je. Hish. Salam mak dia pon tak boleh. The whole family were infected except for her mom. (kat rumah tu la)

I can't recall what the teacher said after that sebab memang terkejut giler. The last thing I remembered, cikgu suruh basuh muka dan tangan bersih2. The end.

I don't know how to respond to that. Can't you at least give us advice and not shout at us? We have feelings too.

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