Monday, December 17, 2012

Health Freak!!!!

Yesss... saya telah menjadi seorang yg sgt takut nak masak for my hubby....takut sangat ....a friend introduced us to this juice..sedap! Bought a box of green apple ( the real fat one), cost me RM90 for 73 pieces...cukup untuk sebulan.

Apple Tomato Carrot Juice

The ingredients:
One fat green apple :)
One carrot
One tomato

Sliced them....then use the juice xtractor, siap...huhu nak buat senang...nak basuh yang malas :( ... These are anti oksida and tasted really good if u mix a bit of honey. I am doing my best to provide him the best...tomorrow I am going back to work after more than a month working from home...I am so lucky to have such an understanding bosses... (dalam hati menyesal gak kenapa la tak apply sampai hujung tahun.. :)

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